Marriage and Business…Is it possible?

Shemaine-Herbert You know…7 years ago when I met my husband I never thought that we would share a business together, let alone our lives. I guess I had another thing coming…or God had another coming. Even I met him I knew that being an Entrepreneur was in my blood. I always wanted to be that person who needed to be in control of what mark I wanted to leave in this world. A few weeks ago I was at my Family Reunion in Williamsburg, Virginia. My family and I went up and stayed a week and had a fabulous time, but outside of the fun, there were a couple of very memorable moments. This year the committee asked that some of the older and more experienced members of the family give their “Pearls of Wisdom”. My Aunt was selected and she said something that I will never forget…and that is that if you want to do something in this world, no matter how long it takes you, keep at it. Even if you fail over and over…keep at it because eventually you will make it. That sound advice rejuvenated me…Just before my husband and I got married, I decided that I needed a little help…a partner if you will. He seemed like the most likely candidate…lol…outside of him being very intelligent and having out of this world marketing knowledge and know how.

It was a no-brainer…Now, where does it go down hill you ask? Well, I will tell you…that being partners with your husband is not always what it’s cracked up to be, but in my marriage my husband is my best friend. I have never been someone to follow…I have always been more of a leader…but I have learned that sometimes in order to lead, you need to follow. He is what you say the piece to our puzzle that balances everything out. I am the risk taker…him…not so much! I am the hot blooded…creative, brainstormer who has ideas that I want to execute now and sometimes too quickly. He is my parachute. He slows me down and that allows me to clearly think my decisions through. Now, there are times when I feel that he is being a little conservative, but usually…h’s right! He has a keen sense when it comes to business and that is what makes Sofistiq Concierge is even greater. It takes great leaders to mold and grow a business.

Being married is so much like running a business. You have a President and VP…Someone has to be the secretary and finance person to make sure all the admin tasks are complete and bills are paid. Someone has to be the Advisor — or I guess both husband and wife act in that role. Someone has to manage the marriage and keep it running…keep it operational, fresh and new…that’s normally the wife’s department if you get my drift! And so, here we are…3 years later and still working the business together. I’ve known my husband for the better part of a decade and there is no one I trust more than him. Key word there…trust…absolutely necessary if your husband is going to be your partner. You have to have complete trust, honesty, communication, and be willing to negotiate and compromise. Otherwise, it’s a no go! Trust me! Now, being a woman and an African American woman in business I am very independent in my decision making…but I am growing to see that it’s necessary to discuss my decisions with my husband…even if they will not affect him. I value his opinion and his suggestions and it helps me to see the other side…where there may be hidden consequences I have not considered.

So, is Marriage and Business possible…yes. It is possible. It is something you must work at everyday and know that when you do step into that arena…the health of your marriage will dictate that health of your business. It is a tie…a bond…and it can be beautiful if you let it be.

So, with that…Good Luck to you all who are attempting this new and brave challenge…

And remember…

“Compromise, if not the spice of life, is its solidity. It is what makes nations great and marriages happy”
Phyllis McGinley 

Until next post kids….



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