My K-Drama Obsession…Randomajigee

Ok, so in an effort to not watch as much reality TV crap on television, I shifted my focus to my cell phone (like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are better uses of that time) and about 6 or 7 months ago I stumbled across VIKI. Now I know what you’re thinking…who is she? Unfortunately, it’s not a she…it’s an APP/Website. It is my soul destination for fulfilling my Korean Drama fix…needless to say after watching one K-Drama (Boys Over Flowers), I was hooked…now let me say they are very much different that American Soaps — I mean when they say DRAMA it is truly a DRAMA…There are a few irritating things that I find ever present in the K-Drama scripts that the writers seem to have an obsession with — and that is killing off the main characters and giving them amnesia — these two elements usually make them pretty predictable, however, for whatever reason I remained hooked…as I become more entrenched in them, I began to become curious about the Korean culture and found myself fascinated — Now, my husband finds it a little strange my new curiousity but he knows me and he is not surprised considering that I also have an obsession with Japanese Culture and Japanimation films — those are my fav — (Yes, indeed…I’m a 32 year old kid), however, this is ok — it reminds me that its ok to like and try different things and that sometimes life will surprise you with the little things that you would have never thought to give a second look, but once you do, your imagination is set free again…


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