Let Go…

Welcome to the Room with no Doors, Walls, Ceiling or Floor…Let go…


5 thoughts on “Let Go…

  1. The Concierge Queen says:

    In this place where you display your thoughts, concerns and feelings there are no judges. There are only opinions and intellectual debate over issues that adults struggle through everyday. I believe that blogging should be used as a tool to Network, discuss and share thoughts relative to Spiritual and Educational Growth, life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. There are no right or wrong answers in this place, only personal expressive opinions and thoughts. Leave your judgements, negativity and satire at the door as it has no business in this place. This is my haven and a sanctuary for free thinkers who seek the real, the truth, justice and a spontaneous break from choas…Get ready….SET…BLOG!!!!

  2. freshrevelations365 says:

    I really enjoy reading your words, and how this is referred to as your sanctuary. I believe that blogging can be incredibly therapeutic, and while people are more than welcomed to express their views it should be done with an open mind and heart. I look forward to reading more!

  3. The Concierge Queen says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by! I totally agree and feel that blogging is a way for individuals to express themselves. So many of us walk around thinking what we should be saying..well, now through blogging we can share those thoughts and feelings and that’s okay…we should embrace that which makes us unique and extrodinary…Until next blog!

    I’ll be tuning for a FreshRevelation!


  4. The Concierge Queen says:

    It is just one of days that I just want to take some time and over the weekend as well to just reflect back on the week’s effort…I want to definitely get some work done on my novel…you know, speaking on that, writing a novel or any extensive piece takes lots of discipline. I have been working on this book for almost two years now and it has taken so much out of me…I’m in love with it but sometimes we have a love hate relationship…One day I can’t wait to get home so I can snuggle up to it and write, and then other days it’s like a step mother I hate! lol…the book is titled “Reverof Gardens”. It’s a sci-fi murder mystery that takes place in the 1940’s during war time. I am stepping out of my normal universe of fantasy and imagination to merge the two worlds of real people and fantasy together. It’s been a trying experience and one that I have to do actual research on…exhausting is not saying enough when it comes to this work, however, I am confident that it will pay off in the long run…I may post some excerpts so that I can get your opinions…(a little scary, but I want to know what other think…) If you like old movies, you’ll hopefully like this…

    Okay, so after that random tangent, I just want to say that I appreciate all who stopped by this week and taking the time to read the words that reflected me this week…I hope that you will continue to grace me with your presence and take a walk in The Land of Blog with me…

    Remember…think, speak, relate, pray, and just breathe…

    Until next post…


  5. The Concierge Queen says:

    This should’ve probably been a main topic blog, but I feel that underneath “Let Go”, it fits…as I go through the blogs daily when I have down time, I see some of the wierdest things…Now, for those who know me, know that I am a Christian…devout..now, I’m not one of the Crazy stalker ones…No, No, No…however, I take my spirituality very seriously because when you believe in something greater than yourself…you must…I came across an athiest blog today, and don’t get me wrong…it’s that person’s life and they are responsible for their own decisions…I consider myself a very open minded individual…I was taught to learn about all religions and to see them objectively despite my personal preference and I found that enlightening…to be completely honest, it just brought me closer to my faith, but also showing me how very similiar we all are in our beleifs…but I guess its just caught me off guard to come in extremely close contact with atheist ideals…I mean, it’s like someone just told me that the cow just jumped over the moon…this personal conflict that I have within me right now drives a feeling of despair and sadness for these individuals…there has been so much in my life that I have been given that I cannot explain…there is something there within me that is not of this world…I know that…I’ve known that my whole life…I don’t press others with my faith or have long drawn out debates over why you should believe…I am satisfied with the fact that I do…but I couldn’t help getting into this… just a little…when I think of all that I have been blessed with over the years and the fact I survived burying a child…I look back and say to myself that without my faith…it would have been impossible…I will pray for those who cannot see the beauty in that type of comfortable and needed existence…to wander aimlessly through this life celebrating and rejoicing the natural accomplishments, when there is so much more to come…I pray that one day they know that beauty, that awe…that humility that drives many of us…that drives me…that creates a wonder in the world that is so unbelievable and beyond that we will never understand it…we just have to accept this gift of life and love and appreciate what indescribable gifts we are given….

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