Discipline in business & Life…Why is it so hard?

Sometimes in business, even though its out passion, we lose the drive that we initially had to get our business started. We wait on life to present an opportunity or obstacle that reignites our entreprenuerial spirit and makes us go harder than we ever had…but how do you maintain that passion and fire? How do you continue that drive day in and day out? Well…I am a prime suspect in this arena. I could blame it on my inconsistent Gemini behavior, but at the end of the day, it’s my own fault. We, as people, have the power to place levels of priority on things in our lives. We do it everyday….How bad do I want to lose wait? How bad do I want to start this business? How important is it to pay this bill right now? We make this type of decisions everyday and we place levels of importance on these tasks. It is in our power to change and coures correct our lives based upon our priority levels, but what I realized is that I have to make it important to me. It doesn’t matter what anyone else see’s or believe’s. It is up to me to decide my own priorities and decide what I want my legacy to be and how much effort I am willing to place into it.

I am discovering that I want to run a business, that I have to operate my life as a business owner and be dedicated to that life. I have to prove that through my daily actions and be about growing and sustaining my business. If I am not going to do that then what is the use of being self employed. I might as well continue working my 9 to 5 job nad never enjoy the true benefits of being self employed…financial stability, building a legacy, and being able to live my life the way I choose, and not the way my situation dictates based upon my financial circumstances.

This life is our own…God gave us this world full of wonder and beauty for us to be able to admire it and be in awe of it’s majesty. We cannot do that if we are bound by the negative circumstances that we ourselves create. How will we ever be able to appreciate this world and all that it has to offer, if we are never able to see it for ourselves. That is what I hope being self employed with allow me to do; to show my family the world and create a legacy that my children can be proud of.

Well, anyway…off my soapbox…the bottomline of this rant is that I have decided….that is a powerful statement…I have decided…that in this life with the guidance of my Lord and Savior, that I will be the master of my destiny…that I will let my free will lead me in the direction of my dreams. You know, my husband said “Life is a stage and I am looking for a better part…” I said, ” I’m not looking…I’m choosing,” and that’s because it’s our choice to live as we decide. I want more for my life…I see people everyday that have taken their lives into their own hands…living the way they choose. And so…my life begins at 32…standby.


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