Sweet Pea Chic…Baby Starter Kits for Expecting Mommy’s!

Well here it is! We’ve been open a few months and now it’s time to let my followers know about this new venture! This started of course from my own very LONGGGG journey to expanding my family which is still underway! Creating these bare boxes brings me joy because I want to help give women a platform and a resource for trying to conceive and getting their baby here.

Getting pregnant comes with a host of questions, concerns, ups and downs. I want to help women start the conversation with their doctor and also give them a care box that is personalized and takes away some of the anxiety of trying to get their little one here!

This is how Sweet Pea Chic was born! I have created three levels of care boxes for women. First, the Curious Queen which is first women trying to conceive and need a little motivation and support. Next, the Queen Mommy In Training care box where women can take advantage of this as a monthly subscription so they can receive gifts and resources throughout their nine months to help get them prepared for baby’s arrival. Finally our crown jewel, the Queen Mommy care box that gives Mommy a starter kit for babys birth and first month.

These care boxes are meant to be gifts as well as resources. I talked with so many women over the last few months who love the idea of just ordering this as a baby shower gift and not having to go all over the city to get the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who is expecting.

Well I have created the perfect gift! Visit http://www.sweetpeachic.com and take a look! I would love your feedback and thoughts! Please email us sweetpeachic@outlook.com. I’d love to find some expecting moms that I can send a promo box and get their feedback!

Until next time my friends!!



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