Farenheit Review — Uptown Charlotte’s Newest Spot — (Rooftop – Hyatt Place)

Ok, let me start by saying that this is officially one of my favorite venues now…the staff at Farenheit, located in the heart of Charlotte, NC atop the new Hyatt Place Hotel’s 21st floor, has created an ambiance worthy of the Elite social scene in Charlotte. It’s great for cocktail hour with friends or colleagues or for that romantic dinner for two. Outside of the ambiance and killer panoramic views of the Charlotte skyline and great drinks, there are the amazing staff and prompt service that would put Jimmy Johns to shame!

Although its super spectacular and awesome, there are a few things that could stand just a little tweak. First off…this venue is gorgeous, but I feel its missing the effect of live music. You can hear live music at most upscale bars and lounges in the city, but not at this venue…at least not now! It’s missing that energy…now of course it doesn’t have to have live music all the time, but a light jazz set or some r and b wouldn’t hurt the scene. Next, the food…the menu looks delicious, but did not jump out at me. There are a couple of great options but it to me seemed limited. Of course, I seemed to see things coming out that I did not see on the menu, which also was a little disturbing. It may take me a couple of more visits to dive into their entire delicious repetoire, however, what I did have was awesome! I munched down on the sausage pizza made from flatbread. On my next visit I will be trying the pecan encrusted pork chops…the General Manager is a colleague of mine and told me they are to die for!

Although there is still more to come I’m sure from this venue being so new to our fair city, I was impressed overall by my first visit. It is a beautiful venue that you can see that the developers took every care to create a relaxing and plush atmosphere. I will definitely be back and will send a few of my clients in that direction as well.

Until next reveiw!


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