Unfinished Business…

In my effort regain control over my life and all the things that I have going on, I had to face some real hard facts that regarding my habits. The simple fact of the matter is….is that I start things and never finish them. It is what it is…I started writing my book 4 years ago and I have not been able to complete it for one reason or another. One thing about people I do know is that we EXCEL in making excuses…especially for things that will help enhance our lives, and if you’ve been following my blog, you know that I have DECIDED to NOT live that way any longer. So, now I have to start prioritizing my goals and dreams and put them in perspective. Now that’s not always easy…I mean, take it from me…I have so many things that I need to complete. However, if we sit back and take a look at all the things that we begin, who knows what we could accomplish — so get back in the swing of things and finish those projects — maybe just one of them will change someone’s life forever…S.


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