Trained To Go…Five “Common Sense” rules of survival for all occasions

Okay, so let’s be clear…I am not an extremist when it comes to survival…I need to preface this post with that as it is very easy to be associated with folks who are out here building bunkers preparing for world’s end as if they could survive it anyway…however, I am a realist and believe in being trained to GO…I see things for what they are and the world for what it is…the need to be able to survive out here in the world is necessary. My family were mountain folks and my grandfather still is…running a little farm with a garden that produces an abundance of produce year round. With the current state of our world I feel that its important we all abide what I call “common sense rules”…First of all..having a water supply and plenty of can goods never hurt anyone. You never know when a bad storm is going to come through or someone tries to take over the world and create a real life Hunger Gsurvivalames! LOL…its just good to have resources available at your finger tips.

Secondly, keeping a certain amount of cash at home — now you should do this for NUMEROUS reasons and if you can’t think of least one, there is no need of explaining it to you further. This is just good old fashion COMMON SENSE! Third, be able to protect yourself and your family. Ensure you have a way to start a fire if necessary, have good knife on hand, a flashlight and plenty of batteries. You make the choice on what that means. Fourth, everyone in the house needs a great pair of tennis shoes, PLENTY of socks and a great winter coat, hat and scarf. Finally, create an action plan for your family…in the event of an emergency situation have a safe place everyone can meet and a code word that everyone recognizes that signals the plan.

I know this sounds a little crazy but in a real life situation some of these items could save your life. Being prepared is never NOT a good idea…now this doesn’t mean go out and get ridiculous. If a natural disaster is going to occur there is nothing anyone can do about it, but being prepared will help. Okay, enough of that…I just felt like sharing that…the state our world is in you just never know what the hell to expect these days!!

Until next time!



A Voice To Be Heard…”The Return to Words”

“Well, Well, Well…” you might say! Where have I been? I honestly don’t know myself. Living is the best possible answer I can give…I am like every other writer in the world…we love to write but we leave it for short periods at a time in our life and then we return to words as if we never left their side…as if we have stored up in our minds, (you know that special place in our head where writers store their ideas and thoughts until they can write them down), and the as soon as we get back to our regularly scheduled program, our mind explodes and all of these thoughts and ideas and feelings spill out alreturnl over the page, (or keyboard in this matter).

I love blogging so much because it gives everyone an opportunity to read your randomness and relate to it in some way. People are interconnected through words because they evoke emotion. Words can change lives, alter destinies, and create a legacy…I used to ponder, and still do at times, why I have this insatiable appetite for writing and the written word. Everyone in the world has a “thing” they are good at. A programmed talent or talents that they are naturally great at…A talent never goes away…if you think about it, its the one thing that stays with you until you die. I love to sing…I will always love to sing…its in my DNA…its who I am…I live for it…I love to write…it gives me total freedom to express myself and not have to care if anyone can understand my craziness…blogging allows for me to also take a look inside someone else’s mind and discover who and what they see themselves as. We all have a face, or faces that we put on everyday…it is only when we write ourselves down do we see the true face…our true nature.

I hope that whoever reads this knows how powerful you are…to understand the power of the pen is to understand the history of the world. Not everyone has the luxury of understanding the significance of what words have meant to our world and our existence…I don’t mean to get all spaced out or weird, but it is truly a pleasure to be able to take advantage of this platform…to be able to share my thoughts, wishes, ambitions, bad days and good days with all here. I created this universe of mine for this purpose and I nowhere near done creating…

Until next Time…