The Most Important Walk of Your Life…


As I read an article on NBC about a group of archaeologists who were excavating Balatlar Church in Turkey who claim to have found a piece of the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on it moves me. Now whether or not they have actually found a piece of the cross, I’m not sure, but that’s not the point. It still moves me. As I grow older and I have started to define my relationship with Christ. I find myself more and more connected through the events of my life. I find my cause and purpose in life to be moving me  in many ways towards being more “Christ-Like”. For example, showing kindness and loves, taking care of my family, getting married, growing a deeper attachment to Christ and understanding what that means. Or even starting my foundation next year. The sole purpose of my foundation is to give back to those who are in need and to encourage others to do the same; to educate and change the world with one random act of kindness at a time, hence, www. … well I won’t give it away…but just look for it.

When I am in Church, which I now attend on Saturday’s to keep the Sabbath Holy, I feel an overwhelming wave of emotion come over me. I could burst into tears right now from thinking about it, and about how good God has been to me; how thankful I am to know his love and mercy. I cannot imagine what life is like not knowing this feeling. To know for certain in my heart that he was a real man who gave his life for his people…and now to read articles like these where there are those who may prove for the natural world to see, that he was in fact a real man. It is enough for a believer to know that he is real…that he is the living God…but it is something different to the world for it to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was real because that would mean to non-believers and skeptics that his miracles and mercies were real. What do you suppose the world would be like if it was a proven fact that there is a Heaven and a hell? What would happen in the lives of the non-believers and skeptics…would the world be better? Would it be different? It’s an interesting notion…Would the world change for those who have always believed?

I cannot explain the path to finding Him…it is one that we all must find and walk for ourselves…we must come to it of our own free will and immerse ourselves in it once we have found ourselves there. I can say that there is no feeling like it in the universe…there is no emotion stronger…more real…No emotion more sure and right…It is work building a relationship with Him…just like any relationship, you won’t see eye to eye all the time; you won’t understand His motives or His plan…you won’t always be able to see that what He does for you…He does out of Love and purpose…We cannot understand that as we can only see half the distance, he can see the finish line. That is why we have FAITH…

I find it fascinating…this feeling…how you can be so complete and so full…how awesome He is…how He protects and guides and most of the time we are not even aware. How He always has our backs even when we feel that we are up against the wall…but if we were to just turn around we would see that it is not the wall we are up against…it is Him standing firm behind us…ready to push us on through our storm.

Of course, no one is perfect…we are yet sinners and we can only try to live each day trying to be more and better than what we are; asking for His forgiveness when we fall short of His grace — to continue to read and know the Word of God so that we can be strong when it comes time to battle through life…so that we can learn to lean on prayer and trust that if he did it once…he will bring us through again. I know I went all “religious” on you guys today, but it could not be helped. When the spirit moves you…you must move with it.

I often ask myself the question above…and the answer is yes. I would give my life for Him. It is not yours anyway…We need to start asking ourselves what we can do to reintroduce faith and altruism back into this world…what we as individuals can do each day to help make this world a better place to be…whether that be one act of kindness to one person or to many — the point…is that we are trying…

Meditate on it…



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