To Snitch or Not To Snitch? “Local Youth Stabbed Outside of Little Wayne Concert and NO ONE Steps Forward Yet…”

To Snitch or Not To Snitch?As I was on my way in to work this morning, I was listening to a local radio show called the BJ Murphy Morning Show — Now, this show is known for having very heated subjects of conversation in the mornings, and I sometimes call in and give my opinion on them. This mornings topic was why no one has come forward as a witness to the stabbing of a young man outside of the Little Wayne concert that was held in Charlotte several days ago. He was killed and all for attempting to defend his girlfriend. Now, they posed this question this morning as to why no one has come forward. The police are baffled and are seeking help from the community. Now, many of the callers this morning were calling in upset with one of the personalities because she was stating that she would not jeapardize the safety of her family by being the one that would come forward. Basically, stating that she would not ever be the one to march into the police station, (if she saw this happen), and say hey, I know who did it and so on.

It’s not that I don’t get what she’s saying, I totally do, but there is still something cowardly about what she’s saying. We want to talk about blacks killing blacks every opportunity we have, but we don’t want to really do anything about it. I am always hearing, “God will take care of them!” Why are we leaving everything to Him. Yes, He is almighty and powerful and yes I absolutely believe that He will have the last say, but we as a people have to wake up. We continue to let these types of behaviors go undisciplined and we will not stand up and take the lead on anything. It’s really not limited to just snitching…the No Snitching campaign is just another movement to encourage criminal activity and behavior in our communities, which has gone on too long.

Now, I can’t say what I would do in my situation — it would depend on the gravity of the situation and whether or not I thought it was something that I could or could not handle. There are many ways to stay involved in your community. However, the bottomline is, is if I see a man beating a woman within an inch of her life and I can identify him, I am GOING to report it and HIM! It’s just as simple as that. If I see a child being abused (which I have seen), I am going to report it and the abuser. If one will not stand, then no one will. Blacks have become a nation of followers and not leaders…we encourage street justice which in turn increases the Black on Black crime in our communities, keeping us at odds with one another. There is no compassion, courage and bravery in our community any longer…We are slowly losing our social consciousness and our ability to be morally just. Because of ignorance, lack of education, no role models in the home and no encouragement for our youth, our race is lost in a fog and they are making uneducated guesses and choices about which path they should take.

We have continued to see these types of tragedies in our communities because we have too many uneducated cowards who continue to stand silently onlooking as these atrocities happen. Black on Black crime in this country is at an all time high because we have not made it socially illegal in our own communities to the point where if you were to kill one of your brothers or sisters in the Black Community there would be no place for you among your own…you would be cast out. We must get to the point where the idea of Black on Black crime is the highest crime there could be in our community and socially unacceptable.

Many of us want to increase the peace in our neighborhoods and in our communities, but it first starts with our youth. We must begin to take hold of our children and teach them…inform them and make them aware and see to it that they have the tools to succeed. It is true that we can pick our own battles but we are in a war to rebuild our community and legacy as a people. Our first battle that we need to win is for our youth so that we can solidify the foundation that they will stand on.

I have never been in a situation where I have had to report or “snitch” on someone committing a crime, and I know the stigma around doing that is one having fear that harm will come to one’s family or loved ones, but what would you do to save another? What would you sacrifice? Looking back on Christ as he was being beaten and crucified…would you have stepped in? Would you have given your life for Him, or risked your reputation to follow Him? Should we not apply these same principles to each other for the better of our world and society? Or is this going too far in our roles to be socially responsible?

What would you do?



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